Our Volunteers

Meet David Bond, Dunedin
Pink Ribbon Appeal Area Co-ordinator 

David Bond, a semi-retired teacher has helped with the appeal for many years and stepped up as an Area Co-ordinator last year. He reflected on his Pink Ribbon Appeal experience while packing his bags for a 5 week trip to Italy the next day. 

“I really enjoy getting out there with the Street Appeal,” David said.   “I recall one of my site volunteer’s was an elderly lady in a wheelchair.  She rolled up and did a marvellous job collecting, people were just drawn to her”

David’s keen to get involved again, motivated by the fact that his sister-in-law and a couple of very good teaching friends have had breast cancer. . “It’s hard for the guys as we often don’t know what questions to ask and I also found out, through volunteering,  that blokes can get breast cancer too”

Introducing Natalie Nolan, Auckland
Customer Services Officer and Pink Ribbon Appeal Volunteer 

Natalie has been a volunteer for the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation since arriving here from Zimbabwe ten years ago.  Her Gran’s experience with cervical cancer and the caring support she received, was the primary motivator for Natalie to give something back to her new home.  

“Breast cancer affects so many families so I wanted to help out”, says Natalie.  Last year, Natalie was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of her team of mainly elderly collectors and the generosity of the St Luke’s, Auckland community. 

“A café gave us free coffees, the mall laid on free parking and one of the security guys relieved the volunteers when they needed a break,” Natalie said. “It turned out his wife had been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and he told me it was something that had affected his whole family” 

Natalie was amazed at how people wanted to talk about their experiences with breast cancer as they gave money.  “It’s a hugely positive experience collecting for the Pink Ribbon Street Appeal.  It’s instantly recognisable as being linked with breast cancer and so people come up and tell us what they’ve been through.”