Free Counselling 

If you've ever been diagnosed with breast cancer (recently or a long time ago), or if you're receiving preventative treatment for increased breast cancer risk, free NZBCF funded counselling is available when you need someone to talk to. A referral from your Breast Cancer Specialist, Nurse, or GP is required.

Download the counselling referral form for your medical practitioner to complete.

The NZBCF has partnered with Stratos, a national counselling service to provide support for people coping with the emotional challenges which often accompany breast cancer.

Counselling can find ways to help you cope with:

  • Fear, anxiety and possible depression associated with a breast cancer diagnosis
  • Personal, family and relationship issues
  • Talking with others about your diagnosis
  • Work and practical difficulties

Some people will prefer to see a counselor when they are first diagnosed or during treatment. Others find that the full impact of their experience doesn't hit them until after treatment stops and they are discharged from regular medical follow-up. 

Often it's helpful to talk things through with someone who is not otherwise involved in your life. If you think that counselling may help you, ask your specialist or breastcare nurse about a referral. 

It’s free 
 Three sessions of individual counselling (over a 12 month period)
 Either face to face, over the phone or by Skype
 A family member may attend the sessions with you  
 Confidentiality guaranteed

You choose your own counsellor 
All Stratos counsellors have relevant counselling experience and have provided their individual profiles online.  Clients can view these profiles and choose their own counsellor. 

How to access
Once your Breast Cancer Specialist, Nurse or GP has completed the counselling referral form, it needs to be sent to the NZBCF.  The NZBCF will then send you an email with a password, voucher number and email link to the Stratos website of counsellors . You then select your location, choose a counsellor and send an appointment request. Alternatively an 0800 number for Stratos will be supplied to enable access.

Call the NZBCF's advice line on 0800BCNurse (0800 226 8773) if you'd like to discuss further. 

About Stratos  
A national network of tertiary qualified professional counsellors, Stratos has provided counselling support to over 50,000 New Zealanders. All counsellors are practised at short-term counselling and an annual audit ensures ongoing professional development.