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Pink Caravan nurses on tour 

Breast cancer rates are at an all time high so the NZBCF is hitting the road in its 20th year, visiting 29 small towns around NZ starting mid-September. 

From Kaiatia to Bluff, our breast care nurses will be visiting places which don’t often have resident breast cancer specialists. Their message?  That these days, breast cancer is highly treatable if it’s found early.  So pop into the Pink Caravan when it rolls into town and talk to a breast care nurse. Get any question answered and see hands-on displays of breast cancer symptoms.   

Check out the itinerary and help spread the word!



  Help a sister out this October

Helena McAlpine, a young women with secondary breast cancer and her family are fronting the call for volunteers for the Pink Ribbon Street Appeal on October 10th/11th. All we’re asking for is 2 hours at a site and time to suit you.  Alternatively, encourage your organisation to Go Pink For A Day® or create your own fundraising event. Check out the ways you can take action to help the 8 women diagnosed every day with breast cancer. 


  Life after breast cancer

In her book 'Baring it all', Kiwi Andrea Fairbairn, a younger woman who's had breast cancer twice, shares 33 tips to living life after breast cancer.  From managing your health in recovery to celebrating your life, the book's goal is to help you rebuild your life in a positive way. Download this free e-book here.    

News, Views and Events

 New radio campaign: If in doubt, get it checked out! 
Thanks to your donations, a fresh new NZBCF radio campaign is on the Pacific Radio Network encouraging women to share any family history of breast cancer and to get unusual breast changes checked out!  Pacific Island women are more at risk of dying of their breast cancer. Check out other RESOURCES HERE.   

 • Found a lump?  If you've noticed an unusual breast change, get it checked out even if you've had a mammogram recently.  To enable a diagnosis, your doctor should action a 'triple test' on any suspicious symptom.  One, a physical breast exam. Two, an ultrasound and/or mammogram and three, a biopsy or removal of a small tissue sample from the affected area.  DOWNLOAD TRIPLE TEST LEAFLET.   

• Volunteer Area Coordinators wanted   Wellsford, Auckland central, North Shore, Waikato/Paeroa, Marton, Otaki, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.  If you'd like to make a difference in just 2 days, join the Pink Ribbon Street Appeal as an Area Coordinator on October 10 and 11. We recruit the volunteers and you help manage them. Phone 0508 105 105 or EMAIL US with your preferred area.

• Estee Lauder Companies Pink Star Walk is coming! To Wellington (4th October),  Auckland (11th October) and Christchurch(18th October). This fun twilight 5km and 10 km walk also includes a 21km half marathon option in Christchurch. Funds raised will go towards breast cancer research and support programmes like Sweet Louise, YWCA Encore and PINC rehab.  SIGN UP HERE

Tell us what type of stories you'd like to read in your Pink Ribbon Express.  We'd love your feedback.

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Thanks for your continued support in 2014.