Hold an Event

Each year a variety of events are organised around New Zealand by groups and individuals within the community in support of The NZBCF. The Foundation is grateful for the vital awareness, support and funds that these events provide, our Community Fundraisers are invaluable!

Whether it's a Pink Ribbon Breakfast, a bake sale or anything else, creating your own fundraising event/project is a really great way to raise money for The NZBCF and it can be as simple or as complex as you like. Just check out our A to Z of fundraising ideas to get some thoughts and concepts.

You may also like to get some inspiration from previous Community Fundraisers.

How to get started
If you'd like to hold an event, our community event guide will help you get started. It contains heaps of helpful information and all the forms you need to hold an event.

The Foundation welcomes fundraising events from individuals, clubs and organisations who wish to do fundraising for us, promote our image and breast awareness. We do however, need to take care to ensure that your event or project will align with our cause and the values of The NZBCF. Please ensure you read through the community event guide completely to understand these.

The process:

  1. Download the community event guide (PDF, 3,010Kb) - have a good read through to make sure you have all your bases covered.
  2. Fill out the fundraising proposal form (PDF, 220Kb) on page 4 and send it back by fax, email or post.
  3. We will issue you with a letter of approval and a community event number for you to use on your other forms.
  4. We leave you to your organising - but stay in touch! We are here to help if you need it.
  5. You can order some promotional material from us to sell at your event and/or free informative pamphlets about breast cancer and breast awareness. Just use the promotional materials request form (PDF, 195Kb) and don't forget to use your community event number (found on your letter of approval!). Please send this in at least 10 days before your event to make sure we can definitely get it out to you in time. 
  6. Your event is over! Congratulations! If you could send the money back through to us within 30 days with the money return form (PDF, 163Kb) that would be great! (Don't forget to put your community event number on it so we can make sure we know who to thank when the money comes in!)
  7. We would love to hear about your event! Send us through a wrap up and even some photos if you would like. Please send through a photo release form (PDF, 199Kb) with the photos - we may just want to use them for our promotional material!


Community event guide (PDF, 3,010Kb)
Fundraising proposal form (PDF, 220Kb)
Promotional material request form (PDF, 216Kb)
Money return form (PDF, 163Kb)
Photo release form (PDF, 199Kb)

If you have trouble downloading any of these PDFs please email fundraising@nzbcf.org.nz and we will post one out to you.