Breast cancer can require both surgical and sustained medical treatment. It’s important for women to understand what their options are for surgery, or why a particular surgery or treatment may have been recommended.
The treatment may be local (i.e. used to remove or destroy the cancer within the breast and surrounding areas) or systemic (i.e. treating the whole body). Find out more about the different treatments available in New Zealand for breast cancer, including when and how they are given, and the possible side effects by downloading this 'After surgery' leaflet
Every woman deserves individualised care as each woman's case is unique and no two breast cancers are the same.   If in doubt, seek a second opinion.
In this section:

What treatment is available?

Surgery options

Radiation therapy

Breast prostheses 

What is chemotherapy? 

What is hormonal therapy? 

What is targeted therapy?

Understanding Lymphoedema 

Questions to ask your doctor

Self care during breast cancer

Useful References

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