Free Resources

The NZBCF provides education and awareness about the importance of early detection with a goal to reduce the number of women dying of breast cancer.  The Foundation has produced a range of targeted materials approved by its Medical Advisory Committee.  These materials are available free of charge, however the Foundation welcomes donations to help offset the cost of producing these materials.

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Breast Awareness A5 Booklet - what you need to know

FR1An easy to read informative booklet covering everything from breast cancer symptoms and risk factors, to how you can help if someone you know is diagnosed with breast cancer. This guide is for anyone who wants to learn the facts about breast cancer and breast health – it could save your life!

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View the online Flip Book.

Breast Cancer 'Step by Step': Breast Cancer Aotearoa Coalition are a network of breast cancer survivors. They have used their experiences to produce "Step by Step", an information pack aimed at helping newly diagnosed women and men make informed choices about treatment and care.  To order a free copy of  "Step by Step" visit their website here.


Women to Women – Our ups and downs (Wahine ki te Wahine – Nga Piki Nga Heke)

FR2This DVD shares the stories of three Maori women. Produced with the support of Tainui Mapo and Maori health promoters in the Manukau Counties area, this DVD offers hope and encouragement to Maori women worried about breast screening and cancer.

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Faith, Hope and Love - DVD for Pacific Island women

FR3Pacific Island women share their experiences of breast cancer in this DVD directed by the award-winning Sima Urale. The DVD focuses on breast health and breast screening.

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DOWNLOADABLES (Awareness Posters - A4 colour)

Download Helen here  - "Don't be shy. Breast Cancer's not." (PDF, 4 Mb)

Dowload Beatrice here "Mums need mammograms.." (PDF, 5 Mb)

Download Helena here - "Think you're bulletproof?"(PDF, 4.5Mb)

B.R.A.S card - Know your BRAS to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Download this handy one page sheet here.

'Breast Cancer In New Zealand' Fact Sheet

This fact sheet contains a myriad of facts about breast cancer in New Zealand, including the fact that breast cancer is the most common cancer among New Zealand women, one in nine women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime and also includes details on what being 'breast aware' is. 

Download a copy of 'Breast Cancer In New Zealand' (PDF, 168Kb)

'Priorities In Breast Awareness' Fact Sheet

An easy to read fact sheet that outlines the priorities in breast health, being

1. Mammogram 

2. Know your breasts 

3. Your family doctor 

Download a copy of 'Priorities in Breast Awareness' (PDF, 229Kb)

'Risk and Risk Reduction Factors for Breast Cancer' Fact Sheet

This fact sheet covers the main risk factors for breast cancer including gender and age. It also looks at risk reduction factors like increasing physical activity, eating healthy food and reducing your alcohol intake.

Download a copy of 'Risk and Risk Reduction Factors for Breast Cancer' (PDF, 168Kb)

'Mammograms - The Facts' Fact Sheet

This fact sheet includes information on how a mammogram is taken, the benefits of having a regular mammogram and has details on how you can get a free mammogram.

Download a copy of 'Mammograms - The Facts' (PDF, 162Kb)

'Healthy Lifestyle Choices' Fact Sheet

This handy fact sheet details the importance of maintaining a healthy weight, the benefits of physical activity and the role alcohol plays in the risk of developing breast cancer. Plus is has some easy, modifiable lifestyle choices you can make to also help reduce your risk.

Download a copy of 'Healthy Lifestyle Choices' (PDF, 205Kb)

'Male Breast Cancer in New Zealand' Fact Sheet 

More than 2600 New Zealand women will be diagnosed each year breast cancer - so will 20 men. Find out more about male breast cancer in New Zealand.

Download a copy of 'Male Breast Cancer in New Zealand' (PDF, 117Kb)

Position Statements

The below documents outline the position The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation takes with respect to certain breast health related matters.

Yearly breast screening mammograms for women 40-49 years of age. (PDF, 229Kb)

Breast Awareness. (PDF, 634Kb)

The use of thermography as a breast cancer screening and diagnostic tool.