Who We Are

Introducing the NZBCF

See the team in action as it delivers early detection education and helps fund research and support for women with breast cancer.

The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable trust and is reliant on grants and donations from the New Zealand public including:

• Community events held nationwide
• NZBCF fundraising initiatives including Pink Ribbon Breakfast and the Pink Ribbon Street Appeal
• Trusts and Foundations
• Corporate Partners

NZBCF Mission 
Our mission is to prevent New Zealanders developing and dying of breast cancer and to support patients. We do this through raising awareness for early detection, funding medical research, training and equipment; supporting patients with our helpline, counselling and rehabilitation; and advocating to the government for world-class treatments and care. 

Our symbol is the ‘pink ribbon’, the international symbol of breast cancer and trademarked to the NZBCF in New Zealand. October is International Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Foundation’s major fundraising event. The month is supported by an extensive multi-media awareness campaign, education programme, community fundraising events and the Pink Ribbon Street Appeal.

Download a print friendly brochure about the NZBCF here

The NZBCF is a proud member of the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand and adhere's to ethical fundraising practices. It's annual financial statements are prepared by Deloittes and audited by Carlton - DFK chartered accountants.

The NZBCF is a proud
member of (FINZ)


• To improve breast cancer survival
• To increase all New Zealander’s awareness of, and knowledge about breast cancer
• To promote the benefits of early detection
• To represent and advocate for all New Zealanders affected by breast cancer
• To support screening and treatment services
• To identify and reduce barriers for breast cancer patients to ensure they receive appropriate treatment and management
• To encourage and fund research in the areas of breast cancer prevention, management and cure

Target Audience
• All women – including hard-to-reach women in remote areas, and ethnic groups with poorer breast cancer outcomes.
•Women with breast cancer – provide support services to those with breast cancer, and to provide information to them and their family and friends.
• Health professionals – we provide health professionals with information and resources to communicate with women about breast health and breast cancer issues and we provide training and education for GPs and cancer specialists.
• Government – NZBCF lobbies the Government about current issues in breast cancer treatment and resources
• Breast Cancer Interest Groups – liaise with and assist breast cancer support groups throughout New Zealand