Stacey Morrison

Stacey Morrison
Stacey Morrison has worked in radio and television for twenty years, thanks to a lucky break at high school.

She has worked behind and in front the scenes ever since in various capacities, sometimes presenting television, sometimes directing; on the radio and producing it.

The range of TV shows she has been involved with offered opportunities to support causes close to her heart.

She is on the NZ Family Planning Council and has worked with various organisations, particularly those aiding youth, Maori health, and women.

Stacey's mother Sue always encouraged her to take the chance to raise awareness about breast cancer, right until she passed away at age 45, in 2002.

Sue remains Stacey's inspiration both as an advocate, and in her most treasured roles, as a mother to three young (and full on!) children, and wife to Scotty.

Stacey is very proud to join the amazing women who are ambassadors for the NZBCF.