Lorna Subritzky

Lorna Subritzky has spent three decades working in the media, with various roles as a copywriter, sales director and newsroom manager. In later years though, she’s found her niche as a presenter, both in front of the camera and behind the microphone.

Currently Lorna juggles two radio roles: helping commuters in the main centres negotiate the morning traffic jams via her TimeSaver Traffic reports on various stations; then keeping the nation company between 10 and 3 as the daytime host on popular station Coast.

Lorna lives in a house she dubs The Zoo with her husband, three children, two cats, four fish and a puppy, so there’s never a dull moment. Or a spare moment!

In late 2015, Lorna was diagnosed with high-grade DCIS. She underwent a partial mastectomy a few days before Christmas, which was followed by a course of radiotherapy.

“I’m thrilled and humbled to be an ambassador for New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. Breast cancer is something I’ve known about for as long as I can remember. My paternal grandmother had a double mastectomy but succumbed to the disease at just 41 years of age. My father was 12 then, and her passing was literally a life-changer for him as she was a single mother and he then entered foster care. The vital importance of early detection was therefore impressed upon me – not just for my own sake, but also for the sake of my family.

“While I had a scare after discovering a lump a few years ago, I got the all-clear then and was a bit laissez-faire about following up once I turned 45. I was always too busy, or thought I was. It took the death of a wonderful friend last year to spur me into action again. I’ll never forget making the promise to Helena at her funeral that I would book my screening mammogram the following day – and I kept that promise. Thank goodness! It was then that my early breast cancer was discovered. I can’t impress upon women enough how vital this screening is – I’m convinced it quite literally saved my life.

“NZBCF does an incredible job of educating and supporting women at a time when they need it most, and I’m only too happy to do what I can to help them help us”.