Jackie Clarke

Jackie Clarke is the original jack-of-all-trades with her huge voice, personality and wicked sense of humour. 

Jackie spent 10 years touring and recording with When The Cat’s Been Spayed, where she earned a reputation for wearing plastic fruit on her head – but we can assure you it was only ever flowers and the odd vegetable. Recent stage appearances include star turns in Mamma Mia, Anything Goes, Sweet Charity, Spelling Bee, A Christmas Carol, Mum’s The Word, The Underwatermelonman, Porgy and Bess, and Joseph.

Jackie currently belts out tunes with The Lady Killers (with Tina Cross and Suzanne Lynch), High Wide and Handsome (with Rikki Morris and Chet O’Connell) and is a member of the gospel choir Jubilation (‘Shout and Never Get Tired’ Ode Records).

She’s also sung with Annie Crummer, Dave Dobbyn, that famous band the NZSO and currently tiki-tours with the annual Kids for Kids concert shows in support of World Vision.

Jackie’s done lots of T.V over the years; presenting documentaries, judging NZ Idol and Showcase, acting in sketch comedy (The Semesis, Skitz), and annual appearances at Coca Cola Xmas in the Park, since Santa was a brunette.

Jackie has hugely enjoyed her time as an NZBCF ambassador. "I'm proud to be an ambassador for NZBCF. I help out when and where I can because I know the education, advocacy, research and good old-fashioned caring support of women that NZBCF offers, makes a real difference. I don't know anyone unaffected by the toll breast cancer takes on New Zealanders; whether its yourself, a friend, a mum, a daughter, a cousin, a work mate or a partner, its a disease that continues to make its presence felt in devastating ways. But its beatable. We just have to keep working together to get the right messages out there.

"It feels good to be part of an NZBCF team that is empowering women to be in charge of their own healthy futures and proactive in keeping women's health issues in front of decision-makers too. Its a no brainer really; have boobs? Look after them and help other women to do the same!"


Jackie Clarke: Being Breast Aware and the importance of having a screening mammogram